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An Alternative Schedule for Reading the Word in a Single Year


Rev. Eric Carswell

Dozens of people have picked up a copy of the “Daily Reading Through the Old and New Testament in a Year.” I hope this schedule supports them in their regular reading of the Word. I recognize a disadvantage to starting in Genesis in January and finishing with Revelation at the end of December. Easter comes when the reading is focusing on Deuteronomy or Joshua. New Church Day comes when the reading focuses on the Psalms and Christmas comes when the reading is focusing on the Lord’s crucifixion and resurrection in the Gospel of John. I have produced an alternative schedule that begins just as the first one did with Genesis in January. But at the beginning of March, it focuses on the account of the Lord’s life in this world as given in the Four Gospels (with the Christmas reading saved for December). Revelation is scheduled so that the final chapters occur on June 19th. Copies of this alternative schedule will be available at the Pastor’s Office, the Cathedral and after the Informal Family Service.  Click here to download a PDF copy of the booklet.