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Abridged Arcana Available

A remarkable gift to the church has been made by Dr. Willard Mansfield of South Africa.  He has worked for many years on an abridgment of the Arcana Coelestia, which he offers for lay people. A book review of this work was published in New Church Life for July/August, 2016.  Since many people find the complete Arcana too daunting to read (because of its size and detail), he abridged it in such a way that the internal sense, and the gems found throughout the work, could be more easily absorbed.

It is available in two formats: 12 Microsoft Word files, and in print form. The electronic version can be obtained from Dr. Mansfield himself. His email address is  The print version will available from the Cathedral Book Room.  Please read the more complete review in New Church Life for more details.

~ Rt. Rev. Peter Buss Sr.