A Track and Turntable for the Allen Organ

You may not know that our beloved Allen organ, the remarkable electronic organ that has its home on the Cathedral’s rear balcony, is frequently moved. For some services, it needs to be in the center of the balcony. At others it needs to be at the side–for example, when the choir is singing or if special music is requested for a memorial service or wedding. Pushing this very heavy organ back and forth by hand as we regularly do now adds considerable wear-and-tear to the organ, its intricate wiring, the floor, and the backs of those doing the pushing.

A specially designed track is urgently needed. The organ would also benefit from being set on a turntable (riding on the track) so that it can be turned toward the choir director. He and the organist need to see each other to keep their music together.

The Cathedral has received an offer of a generous gift toward this project and has added some of its own funds, but we are still coming up short. If we can raise the final $7000, then this work will go ahead.

If you’d like more information about this project, please contact principal organist Terry Schnarr, Director of Music Graham Bier, or me. Contributions may be mailed or dropped off at the Pastors Office or the Cathedral. Please make your checks payable to Bryn Athyn Church and note organ track and turntable on the check. Thank you for considering this.

Stephen Morley, Cathedral Director