The Bryn Athyn Post – Our Newsletter!

Bryn-Athyn-PostEach Tuesday, the Bryn Athyn Church sends out a newsletter called The Bryn Athyn Post that contains news about the Bryn Athyn Church and community. We are no longer providing the newsletter on this website for privacy reasons, but we do have subscriptions available either printed or digital.

If you have questions about publishing an item in the Bryn Athyn Post please send it via email to

Subscriptions and Renewals

If you would like to subscribe or renew your subscription to receive the print or digital version (via email) of The Bryn Athyn Post please contact Susan Adams (215-947-6225 ext. 201). The price varies depending on your location:

  • Via email – complementary (donations accepted)
  • Interoffice $40 a year
  • First Class US $70 a year
  • Canada $80 a year
  • Foreign $95 a year