Join Us to Explore Practicing Forgiveness

October 1-November 5, 2017
All are welcome to attend this new small group series. You can start your own small group or join an existing one. Small groups meet in local homes or church buildings and they are a time to build new friendships, deepen existing friendships, explore New Church teachings, and get support in living these teachings.

About Practicing Forgiveness
Authentic forgiveness stems from a deep faith that we are enough, that love is abundant, and that even though we have been wronged, we don’t have to spend our emotional energy trying to get that “debt” paid back to us. This kind of trust doesn’t come easily! It takes practice to train our minds to learn to let go of what’s not important, so we can make room for things that really matter. That’s what “Practicing Forgiveness” is here to offer – a place for people to come together and focus on ways to learn to accept, forgive and love each other.

Releasing our resentments toward others requires attention, prayer and often community support. Our goal with this year’s Journey Program involves bringing people together around the common desire to learn to love and forgive one another. This year’s program is based on various stories Jesus tells about forgiveness, pairing each Bible story with one from the Forgiveness Project (a UK-based organization collecting and sharing powerful stories of forgiveness).

Leaders Wanted
Are you someone who loves connecting people? Do you want to get deeper than just small talk all the time? Bryn Athyn Church is looking for people to volunteer as small groups hosts and leaders. Creating a space in your home and/or helping facilitate the conversation is a powerful part of how Bryn Athyn Church is building community. We’d love for you to get involved! To learn more, please contact Small Group Coordinator, Bronwen Henry (, 215-530-2036).