Love Over Ego

Love Over Ego is a workbook drawing upon the Biblical story of Daniel.  In each chapter, you witness the clash between the forces of ego and the power of true, humble confidence. Through watching Daniel’s responses to the vain Babylonian rulers, we see a powerful example of strength without pompousness, and love without fear.

The story offers a rich narrative for exploring questions such as: How do we find our identity? On what qualities to we base true self-esteem? What is the difference between arrogance and genuine confidence? As Daniel and his friends boldly face the powerful Babylonian rulers, we glimpse ways that vanity, manipulation and desire to control never hold up to the grounding power of confidence, love and true self-worth.

We believe that these themes are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. It has been touching to see that when hurricanes, mudslides and earthquakes strike, people from all walks of life come together to help carry one another through flood waters, bring food and water to hungry families, or make human chains to rescue strangers from sinking vehicles.
In times like these, we as members of the human race tend to rise above petty issues, put aside differences and simply help one another, remembering our shared humanity. For times when we find ourselves getting lost again in a self-focused mindset, Love Over Ego challenges us to remember what matters most.

Like Daniel who stands amid lions, and his friends stand in the middle of fire, we also have the option to stand true to our values even in hard times. We invite you to join us in this program, as we practice letting genuine love take priority in our lives.

Organized for group discussion, this workbook contains links to a video for each chapter, as well as icebreakers, meditations, quotes, sample prayers, and suggestions for life application. Daily readings and an appendix full of sermons will guide you through a deeper exploration of this universal topic.

This book is available for purchase at the Bryn Athyn Church Pastors Office and Bryn Athyn Cathedral, or purchase online at

How to Get Connected
Small groups within the community will be forming to explore this content together. Stay tuned for more information on the small group options. Want to lead or host a small group? Contact Small Group Coordinator, Bronwen Henry, at for more information.