Growing Through Challenges

Small Group Journey Series beginning Sundays in February, 2020

Are you facing a challenge? This is for you.

Are you feeling isolated? This is for you.

Do you want to show up for others facing a challenge? This is for you.

Are you interested in deepening understanding of scripture with a focus on application to life? This is for you.

Bryn Athyn Church is launching a four-week series in February, 2020 on exploring the life experience of facing challenges, gathering insight and wisdom from the Bible and community about how to grow through challenges.

What is this series about? Life is rarely without its hardships. Sometimes challenges can feel like a weight bearing down, and we are unable to move.  So, how can we better prepare ourselves for these overwhelming times? This four-week series explores the biblical story of Gideon, a person called on by the Lord to overcome many challenges. Through his example of patience, hard work and faith, we too possess the tools to come out stronger on the other side.

  • Week One (February 3): The Presence of the Lord
  • Week Two (February 10): The Peace of the Lord
  • Week Three (February 17): The Power of the Lord
  • Week Four (February 24): The Praise of the Lord

When does the series start? How do I get involved? This series will be featured in all the Bryn Athyn Church Sunday worship services in February. Small groups will be meeting during the week. More details on small group options will be coming soon.

Small Group Leaders Needed/Wanted
Please attend a small group leader gathering (for anyone considering hosting or leading a small group) on Wednesday, January 22, from 6:30-8:00 pm (light dinner provided) at the Pastors Office (600 Tomlinson Road, Bryn Athyn (look for the white sign in between the entrances to BACS and Heilman Hall)).  At this gathering, we will review the content, help you prep for leading/hosting a group, and have a chance to connect with other people who are also leading/hosting. Please RSVP to

How to Get a Workbook: This series has a companion workbook which costs $5 and will be available on the first week of February at the Pastors Office or from your group leader. If you’d like an ebook version, click here.