Marriage Conference

photo Jared & Justine

The 2016 Marriage Conference was a success.  What a delightful event it was. Below are comments from the feedback forms:

What worked for you?

  • The violins!
  • Rich and Sheila’s presentation.
  • The atmosphere, the friends, all validating.
  • Keynote was very well done. Feeling grateful.
  • I was touched by the vulnerability and honesty of the plenary.
  • Charis Lindrooth was phenomenal.
  • Friday dinner was outstanding.
  • Plenary session intensely interesting and presented as relevant to many other couples’ issues.
  • Good presenters. Lunch was fantastic. Door prizes!
  • It’s great to have the schedule on my name tag!
  • Gwenda and Michael’s were EXCELLENT!
  • What a gift the Cairnwood banquet was!
  • Hurray for Cheyenne and Barbershop music! Ben and buddy were wonderful.

LynnEllen and Allways Cafe with desserts from Be Well Bakery kept us well fed with fresh asparagus, fresh fruit, specialty cheeses, salmon, lasagna, salted caramel chocolate cake, wine and tiramisu. Everywhere people sat or stood in groups chatting, laughing, enjoying each other’s company. The photo booth from Odhner Orthodontics was a ton of fun and people went home with memories. Theta Alpha donated gorgeous mugs made by Kay Alden as gifts for presenters. Paul Simonetti blessed us with his formatting magic by making all the signs, forms, booklets and printed information. Sixty people won raffle prizes, and the kids had a great time making t-shirts, singing, and playing with a huge team of caregivers. Some babysitters had trouble finding a spare kid to take care of. Delta Mu gave us wonderful volunteers, as did Bryn Athyn College. We are very grateful to Bryn Athyn Church, Cairnwood Estate, and the Academy for their generosity in letting us use buildings, supplies, heat and staff. May the blessings reach far and wide as we strive to build healthy relationships.

~ Lori Odhner

Support for Marriage

We are here to offer support to people both before and during the process of building a marriage. There are many ways to show up in a helpful way, as is obvious during the wedding. Many hands eagerly assist the couple in creating a meaningful ceremony. Yet sometimes when life gets more difficult a few years down the road, a couple may forget how to access that lifeline. Mentoring, daily messages called Marriage Moats, an annual conference, and small groups are wonderful ways to keep a relationship strong. The blessing is that helping another couple enriches the life of the giver as well. Consider joining us next year on Valentine’s Day for a burst of warmth in February.

  • If we follow God, true married love between a man and woman can last to eternity.  That love is called conjugial love.  Love therefore is not just a “happily ever after” story but can be a “happily forever after” story
  • Confidence, deep friendship and the mutual desire to do everything we can for our partner characterize conjugial love
  • To grow into that love, partners must seek to usefully serve God, their partner, their community, and the world.  Values such as fidelity, service and integrity guide such a life

Read more New Church theology about marriage.

Marriage Ministry

Visit our website dedicated to marriage: Caring for Marriage at Caring for Marriage provides many resources in support of marriage:

  • Marriage Moats, a daily email with inspiration and encouragement to focus on marriage
  • Small Groups
  • An annual Marriage Conference, held around Valentine’s Day
  • Marriage mentoring programs