Music Department


Regular ensembles are now on summer break.  If you know of a child grades 4-8 who might be interested in singing with the children’s choir Choristers, please keep an eye on this page.  Auditions will be in September, and more information about the ensemble can be found here.  The Bryn Athyn Cathedral Choir will begin our weekly Thursday rehearsals on September 5 (the week following Labor Day).  If you would like to be involved, please contact for more information.

This October will see the 100th anniversary of the dedication of our Cathedral for worship.  We are planning a Festival Chorus event of “carols from around the world” in early December, and a Messiah Come-And-Sing (you can come and listen, but are welcome to join in) closer to Christmas.

We hope you have a great summer!

For a list of musicians at upcoming services, click here.





Getting Involved


Bryn Athyn Church benefits from a vibrant musical community with singers and instrumentalists at all levels.  There are many ways to get involved in the church music scene here, including choirs, bands, and instrumental groups.  In addition to festival services, we offer four regular services on Sundays throughout the year, each with their own style of music and worship:

9:20 am  – Informal Family Service in Heilman Hall

This service features Contemporary Christian music led by a varying team of musicians often including guitar, piano, and bass.  It opens with ten minutes of music, and also includes three songs in the body of the service.  On a given Sunday, most or all of the music is sing-along.

9:30 am  – Family Service in the Cathedral

A more traditional service, the music is supported by the organist, and includes four hymns as well as two other short selections.  The service is preceded by meditative preludes starting at 9:20, and followed by a postlude.

10:00 am  – Young Children’s Church in the Council Chamber

This service is aimed at families with very young children, and the regular musician is a pianist.  There are three children’s hymns, as well as several minutes of preludes before the service and a postlude at the end.

11:00 am  – Adult Service in the Cathedral

The most formal of the services, this is another service primarily supported by the organ.  It is preceded by meditative preludes starting at 10:40, and includes four hymns, an interlude, and a postlude, as well as an Office with selections sung by the congregation.  Guest musicians often bring variety alongside the customary organ music, and this service is the home of the Cathedral Choir.

For a list of upcoming musicians, click here.