The Bryn Athyn Church together with the New Church and the Academy of the New Church offers a number of annual camps and retreats designed to bring people together in an environment which stimulates spiritual growth and learning. Camps range from those geared toward families, to teen groups, to elders. While many of them take place in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, others are scattered around the US, and some are located in Canada and the UK.

Each event places the Lord at its center, but the focus is different depending on which camp you attend. Some are doctrinal and others target areas like relationships, teen issues, or general life skills. All incorporate fun, relaxation, and social interaction as key components of the experience.

Bryn Athyn Area Summer Camp List:

3 boys (3) Bryn Athyn Cathedral Summer Camp is a camp for children ages 3-7. This is a five-day program which runs from 9:15 am to 12:00 am. Activities include worship, singing, projects and other fun activities. Each day begins with a kid-friendly worship. The Bible stories will come to life and set the theme for the day. Singing and movement will provide a memorable worship experience. The 2018 Summer Camp will be on June 25 to June 29, 2018. Download a PDF form here.

Academy of the New Church Summer CampAcademy of the New Church Summer Camp is geared to students who have completed grades 8 or 9, helping to familiarize them with the Academy Secondary Schools. It also allows for New Church young people to socialize in a friendly and informal, but chaperoned environment. Visit the Summer Camp page of the ANC Secondary Schools website to learn more.

Glencairn Museum Medieval FestivalGlencairn Museum hosts a summertime camp for children ages 9 and 10, held during the last two weeks of June. The program alternates each year between a Medieval-themed camp and a Mythology camp. The program makes use of Glencairn’s outstanding collection to illustrate Biblical stories and study religious art related to that year’s theme. The daily program includes a short worship service and various activities such as sword fighting, cooking, crafts, playing music, theatrical arts, and more. For more information, contact the museum’s Education Coordinator at