Get (Re)Connected in 2019

New Series: Opening Up

Looking for deeper connections with people already in your life? Looking for new meaningful friendships? Looking to repair struggling relationships? Whatever your starting place, we invite you to join us on this exploration of Opening Up. Bryn Athyn Church together with NewChurch LIVE will be exploring this theme for four weeks through beautiful biblical stories of Moses.
We recognize the fullness and variety in life. There is beauty and there is brokenness. Connection and community can make a big difference along the way.

Please join us for this new series beginning January 27, 2019 through February 17, 2019. Worship services at Bryn Athyn Informal Service, Young Children’s Service (Cathedral) and NewChurch LIVE will follow this theme. Below is a schedule of the weekly themes:

Week One: Authenticity (Moses’ Birth: We are born into vulnerability.)
Week Two: Humility (Moses’ Call: We surrender to vulnerability.)
Week Three: Courage (Moses’ Mission: We choose vulnerability.)
Week Four: Connection (Moses Listens: We trust vulnerability.)

Learn more about this series at upcoming small group gatherings! Click here for a list of small groups that you can join.

Small Groups
Small groups are also forming that will be exploring these themes together. We are looking for leaders and hosts. For more information, come out to a gathering for small group leaders and hosts on Sunday, January 13, at noon at the NewChurch LIVE offices or Wednesday, January 16, 7:00-8:30 pm at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral.
If you are interested, contact Bronwen Henry, Small Group Coordinator, ( or 215-947-6225 x271).
What to expect?
This four-week series is intended as a space for deep personal reflection and connection with others. We anticipate that along the way you’ll gain insights in your own life from the text and from other people and that you’ll feel an expanded sense of connection with others and an increased ability to open up and welcome people in to offer and receive care and support. Every small group has its own flavor, so check in with your specific leader/facilitator about the focus of their group. The “Opening Up” series is inspired by the biblical story of Moses with insights from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. All experience levels welcome.

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” Dorothy Day