Board Of Directors

On this page of the Bryn Athyn Church website, the Board of Directors will share documents appropriate for public distribution related to their work for the Bryn Athyn Church.

2018-2019 – Board of Trustees

Rev. Eric H. Carswell, President
Rev. Erik J. Buss, Vice-President
Stewart Asplundh, Treasurer
Sean Connelly
Christina Irwin
Braden Bostock
David Fuller
Hayley Gunther
Angus Glenn
Reuben Mergen
Scott Nash
Elizabeth Rogers
David Diebert
Rachel Glenn – Secretary


Board Committees 2018-19

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Standing Committees:
Eric Carswell
Erik Buss
Stewart Asplundh, Treasurer
Rachel Glenn, Secretary
Rob Andrews
Sean Connelly (Chair)
Duane Hyatt
Stewart Asplundh (ex officio, Treasurer)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal)
Rob Andrews (Chair)
Eric Carswell (Co-Chair)
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal) (Guest)
Eric Carswell
Erik Buss
Sean Connelly
Hayley Gunther
*Aurelle Genzlinger
*Kirsten Cronlund
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal)
(Coordinates with Finance Committee)
Hayley Gunther (Chair)
Stewart Asplundh (ex officio)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal)
Braden Bostock (Chair)
Stewart Asplundh (ex officio)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
*Stephen Morley (Cathedral Director)
*Jenny Maddock
*Kris Pitcairn
*Drew Nehlig
*Alan Grubb
David Deibert
NOMINATING (changes yearly):
David Fuller (Chair)
Scott Nash (Co-chair)
Aline Brown
Nina Kline
Greg Synnestvedt
Lynne Pitcairn
Bradley Cranch
(Coordinates with Finance Committee)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
Barbara Doering
*Nicole Bau- Madsen
*Stephen Morley (Chair)
*Marg Baker
*Cheryl Cooper
*Eleanor Dillard
*Daric Smith
*Emily Jane Lemole
(Coordinates with Finance Committee)
Sean Connelly
Ad Hoc Committees:

(Coordinates with Strategic Planning Committee)
(Currently Inactive)
*Greg Henderson (Principal) (Chair)
Board Members:
*Building/Architectural Advisor: Jim Adams
*Parents: Julie Carr
*School Administrators: Rev. Phil Schnarr
*Teacher: Greg Henderson, Judy Soneson
*Sustainability Advocate: Angela Rose
*Shops: Brenna Synnestvedt
*Community representative: Peter Boericke
*Society: LynnEllen King

(Coordinates with Strategic Planning Committee)
Jeremy Simons
Erik Buss


*Emily Davis


David Fuller

Hayley Gunther

Minutes of 2018-2019 Bryn Athyn Church Board Meetings

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September 17, 2018 Meeting

• Stephen Morley will be retiring as of November 1, 2018. This will be announced at the semi-annual society meeting on September 19.
• Rob Andrews has agreed to chair the School Committee. Rachel Glenn has stepped down as co-chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Dain Kistner has agreed to take on that role. Scott Nash will chair the Nominating Committee.
• The actual 2017-2018 budget was reviewed.
• Greg Henderson reported on the school’s year so far. There are 277 students enrolled this year. Linnea Heinrichs is a new part-time assistant, and Rev. Solomon Keal is now the school pastor. Three Bryn Athyn College education student interns will be assisting in the primary grades and with the Wonder Garden. Greg recently called every family with children in the school to ask for feedback, which was mostly positive.
• Rev. Erik Buss presented a draft of a logo for Bryn Athyn Church. This is being done in conjunction with the General Church, with the design work undertaken by Digital Wave.
Reported by Rachel Glenn, Secretary

October 15, 2018 Meeting

• Meg Rohtla has formally accepted the position of Cathedral Director.
• Some new trees were planted in the cemetery to begin the process of replacing those lost to ash bore. More will be added over time. This project is funded by a special grant.
• The Strategic Planning committee has selected four potential areas on which to focus: young adult involvement, women’s roles, church attendance, and attraction/retention of newcomers and members.
• The Nominating Committee (for board members) is chaired by Scott Nash, with Elizabeth Rogers as vice-chair. They will be starting their search process soon.
Submitted by Rachel Glenn, Secretary

November 19, 2018 Meeting

• New basketball stands have been installed in the school, courtesy of a grant from the Asplundh Foundation.
• Angus Glenn will become chair of the Finance Committee beginning July 1, 2019 when Sean Connelly’s term ends.
• The Board approved a 4% tuition increase at Bryn Athyn Church School for next year.
• The Strategic Planning Committee recently produced a survey. There have been more than 200 responses. The Committee is planning to hold a community meeting in January to relay the data that has been collected.
Submitted by Rachel Glenn, Secretary

January 22, 2019 Meeting

• The responses to the recent survey put out by the Strategic Planning Committee showed a lot of confusion about the roles of the different organizations in Bryn Athyn (the Bryn Athyn Society, Bryn Athyn College, ANCSS, and the General Church). The Board discussed some possible ways to clarify what the organizations do.
• An examination of the question of whether to accept an offered donation of Cathedral bells is ongoing. A video of a carillon of bells, similar to what is being discussed, can be viewed at
• The General Church recently announced the June 2020 Assembly which will be hosted by Bryn Athyn Church. As having a completely volunteer leadership team is not really feasible in this day and age, the General Church will fund a central coordinator. Numerous volunteers will still be needed for many different Assembly uses!
Submitted by Rachel Glenn, Secretary

February 19, 2019 Meeting

• Bishop Brian Keith will be preaching in the Cathedral at the end of June, and the Bryn Athyn Church is planning a reception after the service to acknowledge his retirement.
• Charter Day weekend 2019 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral, and some special commemorative events and/or displays are being discussed.
• Kaylene Glenn has accepted the position of event director for the 2020 General Church Assembly.
• More students at BACS are needing a higher level of support and the administration and Student Support Center staff are working on ways to meet this challenge.
• The Preschool is full for next year and has a wait-list. They are already receiving requests for the 2020-2021 school year.
Submitted by Rachel Glenn, Secretary

Minutes of 4-25-2018 Society Annual Meeting

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April 25, 2018 Meeting

After an opening worship service, the minutes of the Semi-Annual meeting from September 20, 2017 were approved. The election for open Board of Trustees position was held. Christina Irwin was elected, along with incumbents Braden Bostock, Hayley Gunther and Elizabeth Rogers.
Pastor Carswell reported that both the Board and the Strategic Planning Committee have been considering key factors in the long-term health of Bryn Athyn Church. The following staff members were acknowledged for their years of service: Mary Beth DeGeorge, Eric Carswell (5 years); Brooke Childs, Gail Neukum (10 years); Cynthia Conaron, Jena Frey, Lucas Mergen (15 years); Sue Adams, Beth Bochneak, Chris DeMaria, Alex Rogers, Lisa Synnestvedt (20 years); Sheila Daum (25 years).
Lori Odhner gave a brief presentation on the various programs Bryn Athyn Church has for supporting marriages, and Bronwen Henry spoke about building community through her work with small groups.
Principal Greg Henderson presented a slideshow of this year’s activities at BACS. He acknowledged Rev. Phil Schnarr’s upcoming retirement as school pastor. Rev. Solomon Keal will be his successor. There is a Building Committee working with a consultant to help the school and community articulate our needs regarding the future of our buildings.
Stewart Asplundh, Treasurer, presented the FY2018-19 Society budget and the (draft-form) Cathedral budget. He noted that as we approach the end of the FY2017-18 budget year, we are currently $68K short in annual fund giving, and $45K short in basket contributions. However, the Financial Aid Fund has a surplus of $100K, and the Educational Enhancement Fund (EEF) is close to meeting its $20K goal.

Minutes of Society Semi-Annual Meeting

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September 20, 2017 Meeting

• • The minutes of the Annual Meeting held on April 26, 2017 were approved.
• Rev. Eric Carswell invited the congregation to give him counsel on the next Executive Bishop and reported on the recommendations from the General Church Women’s Participation Task Force. He reported that the Board recently passed a motion to allow the Nominating Committee to present for election the same number of candidates as there are open Board positions, with the option for further candidates to be nominated by the society. After some discussion, he called for a motion to affirm the direction of the Board, which was passed.
• Volunteer Coordinator Nina Dewees, reported on the successes of the Stephen Ministry and Pay It Forward programs and the benefits for both givers and receivers.
• Cathedral Director Stephen Morley reported on the many services, improvements and activities happening at the Cathedral, thanking the employees and the volunteers there.
• Treasurer Stewart Asplundh reported that the fiscal year ended with a surplus. Though there was a slight decline in overall contributions, expenses were down as well. A small surplus is also projected for the coming year. The Cathedral budget was at a break even for the year.