Board Of Directors

On this page of the Bryn Athyn Church website, the Board of Directors will share documents appropriate for public distribution related to their work for the Bryn Athyn Church.

2016-2017 – Board of Trustees

Rev. Eric H. Carswell, President
Rev. Erik J. Buss, Vice-President
Stewart Asplundh, Treasurer
Sean Connelly
Reed Asplundh
Braden Bostock
David Fuller
Hayley Gunther
Angus Glenn
Abigail Roscoe
Scott Nash
Elizabeth Rogers
David Diebert
Rachel Glenn – Secretary


Board Committees 2016-2017

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Standing Committees:
Eric Carswell
Erik Buss
Stewart Asplundh, Treasurer
Sean Connelly (Chair)
Duane Hyatt
Stewart Asplundh (ex officio, Treasurer)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal)SCHOOL:
Eric Carswell (Co-Chair)
Reed Asplundh (Co-Chair)
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal) (Guest)STRATEGIC PLANNING:
Eric Carswell
Erik Buss
Sean Connelly
Hayley Gunther
*Aurelle Genzlinger
*Kirsten Cronlund
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal)CONTRIBUTIONS/DEVELOPMENT:
(Coordinates with Finance Committee)
Hayley Gunther (Chair)
Stewart Asplundh (ex officio)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
*Greg Henderson (ex officio, Principal)
Braden Bostock (Chair)
Stewart Asplundh (ex officio)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
*Stephen Morley (Cathedral Director)
*Jenny Maddock
*Kris Pitcairn
*Drew Nehlig
David DeibertNOMINATING:
(Changes yearly)
(Coordinates with Finance Committee)
Eric Carswell (ex officio)
Barbara Doering
*Nicole Bau- Madsen
*Stephen Morley (Chair)
*Marg Baker
*Cheryl Cooper
*Eleanor Dillard
*Daric Smith
*Emily Jane LemoleCOMPENSATION:
(Coordinates with Finance Committee)
Sean Connelly
Ad Hoc Committees:

(Coordinates with Strategic Planning Committee)
(Currently Inactive)
*Greg Henderson (Principal) (Chair)
Board Members:
*Building/Architectural Advisor: Jim Adams
*Parents: Julie Carr
*School Administrators: Rev. Phil Schnarr
*Teacher: Greg Henderson, Judy Soneson
*Sustainability Advocate: Angela Rose
*Shops: Brenna Synnestvedt
*Community representative: Peter Boericke
*Society: LynnEllen King

(Coordinates with Strategic Planning Committee)
Jeremy Simons
Erik Buss

*Emily Davis

Reed Asplundh

Reed Asplundh

Hayley Gunther

Report on 2017 BA Church Board Activities:

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January 16, 2017 Meeting

• The Board discussed the agenda for the January 2017 Board Retreat.
• Greg Henderson reported on how BACS dealt with recent tragedies in the community and said that he has received affirmative feedback from parents on these actions.
• Greg also shared feedback from the faculty on possible future school buildings or renovations to current buildings.
• Stewart Asplundh discussed the potential implications of the General Church’s decision to make salary scale changes to the Bryn Athyn Church’s FY2018 budget.
• Braden Bostock circulated an agreement between the Bryn Athyn Church and the Cairnrun Owner’s Association related to a Bryn Athyn Cemetery issue.
• Braden Bostock and Dave Deibert are looking into the next steps needed on a potential Cathedral tower bells project. One of these steps will be gathering feedback from the community.

Report of the Bryn Athyn Church Annual Meeting

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April 27, 2016 Meeting

At the 2016 Annual Meeting, an election was held to select nominees for open positions on the Board of Trustees. Incumbents Rachel Glenn, David Fuller and Sean Connelly were re-elected, and we are happy to welcome Rob Andrews to the Board. The evening included the following reports:
• Eric Carswell spoke about the history of worship services in Bryn Athyn and provided a chart depicting how church attendance has fluctuated over the years. He thanked the many volunteers who assist with the church services. He then introduced Phil and Peg Mergen who spoke about Charity in Action, an organization providing assistance to refugees in conjunction with Pay It Forward Crew. He also recognized several staff members for achieving years-of-service milestones, and thanked departing employees for their contributions.
• Greg Henderson provided a brief history of how BACS was formed and reported on the progress of the 2015-16 school year.
• Stewart Asplundh discussed the year-to-date financial results, the need for additional contributions to meet the FY2015-16 annual goal and a suggestion on achieving this goal in the remaining nine weeks. He also presented a tentative FY2016-17 budget and highlighted a surplus of $6k resulting from an increase in wages and investment income, a reduction in the annual fund goal, increased tuition from increased enrollment and paying less tuition remission for eligible students enrolled.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.
Submitted by Wendy Cooper, Board Secretary